Breaking the blog backlog

You see the problem with blogs, is when your life gets busy and you just can’t be bothered blogging. It’s not that my life has become so busy that I don’t physically have the time, to write down what’s happening, it’s more like I lose the motivation to type. And you do this once or twice, and then before you know it. You have a list of about 15 things you simply must post, and you can’t carry on until you have.

That’s probably my problem, I should just let them go. I should learn that I can’t capture every thought, just let them go Kevin.

So things I am in the process of letting go.

  • Supermarket trolleys – and the one pound fee
  • Trips to Beverley
  • Breaking wing mirrors on cars
  • Why selling houses is something I’m going to avoid.
  • More on BS7799
  • The British standard for making tea
  • How I want to write some fun code, and might revive poopCell
  • Extreme Programming – surely it’s not all serious?

There are more, but I’m letting go of these ones now.