working quite hard at this now…

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, but that’s manly due to the fact that I have been run off my feet in the last few weeks, so a word to the wise before we embark on a little catch up session, if you are planning to get the whole of your upstairs carpeted, do so with more than a week gap between rooms. Next time (as if their will be a next time!), we will be having a fortnight between rooms, to move all the furniture, rip out fireplaces, plaster up holes in the wall, and paint rooms.

So besides the mass movement of all our furniture, how’s it going? I ask my self.

Well, it’s going ok, we are progressing on the baby front, we are now 15 weeks, on and we have gone public in work (Ruth has told people, I am just going to see how long it takes for people to find out). We do have a worry with Ruth’s health, and without going into too much detail, Ruth is now going to have surgery in the next couple of weeks! They have told us that the risk to the baby is slight, and now is the best time to do this (both, waiting during and after pregnancy being quite dangerous), but even so you of course do worry about it, and it’s in-patient, so for the first since we got married (now nearly three years) we will have to sleep apart.

Moving back to the house; tonight is block up fireplace night, and shop in Asda night, and hopefully by the end of the weekend we might have a house that at least has the furniture in the rooms we intend it to be in.