Monday Morning Blues

Today, is just one of those days when you arrive and you really don’t want to be in work. The motivation to do anything is completely lacking today, I’ve been looking at my cup for the last 20 Minutes, hoping it would just miraculously fill with tea. My index finger on my left hand is too sore to type with, after I got a huge splinter off my sister’s wooden floors yesterday.

The first job I have had today is fixing a duplicate caused by the student system, and that has probably set me off. It’s not the best way to start the week; here is some pile of poo, caused mainly by bad implementation and practices beyond your control. Please sort it all out.

On a plus side, the managers meeting is currently on going, this usually gives us a couple of outrageous things to talk about for the rest of the morning, most of them will probably depress me though.

Can I go home now?