Acute bonkersness

I had a bit of a funny turn, today. I woke up too bonkers to go to work. That does happen, occasionally, but usually I go anyway. Being pregnant appears to have reduced my resilience to such things, because today, I went to work, and decided in the lift that it was a mistake.

So I went into the office, and announced, “This is going to sounds ridiculous, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t have come. So I’m going home.” I was asked if I wasn’t well, quite sympathetically, and was obliged to admit that I was more psychotic than ill, as such. Then I left.

Do I put it down as sick? I definitely wasn’t fit to work – I’ve spent the day in front of the TV, and only feel marginally better, even now. “Woke up bonkers” seems a bit flakey to write on a sickness form, though, doesn’t it? Maybe I should just take it as leave…

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