Time continues to pass…

Still no gynae appointment, which makes me deeply suspicious of their alleged “urgency”.

I did, eventually, chase it with the Women’s Hospital last week, and discovered that Gynaecology had never heard of me, but Obstetrics were adamant that I’d been referred. I got passed to several different people (one of whom asked me if I was still pregnant, which struck me as an unbelievably crass and potentially tactless question – good job the answer was yes, really), and eventually, the secretary of the consultant obstetrician told me that she would resend her referral letter of March 25th, and that I should get back to her if I’ve not heard anything by Monday week – April 19th.

By then, I will be over 19 weeks pregnant, and three days short of my twenty week scan. It strikes me that if they want to do this surgery in the second trimester, they’re rapidly running out of time – I’m already half way through, nearly.

Still, maybe the next scan will prove conclusively that the cyst is quietly disappearing of its own accord. Maybe.