prams r’ us

Today we entered into the complex world of pram shopping, you would think it would be quite simple; wheels, somewhere for the baby to sit, and maybe somewhere to put all the bottles, nappies and other things that come with the baby.

The thing is, it’s much more complicated than that; wheels, do you want three or four, and do you want them to be fixed or rotating, and solid or inflated, you get the idea.

Of course we have our own requirements, which because this is the first baby we’re not sure if they are really problems or not, but nevertheless the shape the type of pram you want to buy:

  • Reversible seat: ideally we want a pram where we can change the direction that the pram faces so we can walk about either with the baby facing forwards, or towards us.
  • Big basket: baby’s come with lots of stuff, and given that Ruth at least will be off all day for a year, we’ll need somewhere to put the shopping 🙂
  • Four wheels: three wheelers are fine, if you live in the middle of nowhere or you enjoy fell running, but we’re not, we enjoy walking to the park, and visiting people. Four wheels will be better for that, and they fold down better.

So with those basic pre-conceived ideas in our heads we currently have a couple of potential prams.

even prams have gimicsOne is a rather plush mamas and papas pram, with a nifty trick where you can flip the handlebars over the top of the pram and push it from the other angle, this has the advantage of not having to take the pram apart to reverse the direction of travel, the only potential problem is with the wheels, because you just flip the handle in one direction the front wheels will be locked, making it harder to get around the shops.

The second one is from mothercare, and we have just spent about 20mins taking it to bits and looking at all the little buttons and adjustments you can make. It’s much more like a traditional pram, but you have to take the seat of to change directions. It does have a cool one handed latch thingy which means if you twist and push all the right bits on the handle at once, the pram folds away dead quick.

So the plan now is to visit the mamas and papas shop by Chester, to see what the first pram actually does when you poke and prod it, and then we can move on the ‘simple’ task of getting the nursery furniture.