Are you Mobile ?

OK, so we held out for five years, but we have finally succumbed to the inevitable, yesterday we got a mobile phone. It is indeed a sad day, but driven mainly by the need of Ruth to keep tabs on me when I go shopping and get side tracked by the weather, and the fact that one day I may just start my own business, a mobile phone is now part of the Jump junk that is carried around in my pockets on a daily basis.

A Nokia 3510iSo after casting aside the risks of cancer, and exposing our selves to the risk of tecno-incompetence, we are now the proud owners of a Nokia 3510i, with funny orange lighty-up-bits*, and polyphonic (when the BBC first aired colour TV they referred to it as polychrome) ring tones.

So far I still have yet to change my opinion that mobile phones have the worst user interface in the world, basically their aren’t enough buttons to do everything you are expected to do with a phone, if you have to read the manual do something “intuitive” with the phone, then that feature isn’t intuitive is it?

So will this phone thingy change the world as we see it, I’ve always been very proud of the uncontactability** of me, and now I have a phone that lives in my pocket, I’m worried I’m never going to be able to go back to the simple life.

Oh and I’m never going to start talking txt!

* this is of course a technical term.
** this is just a made up word

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