I think it’s time I told you about my passionate and totally irrational hatred of printers, ever since our printer had it’s latest bought of ink disfuncatlanily I’ve been trying to ignore the penetrating stare of the empty ink cartridge holders, hoping in the best Ostrich management style that if I ignored the fact that we can only print in red and black and then only if the moon is in the right phase and Scorpio is aligned with Gemini , then one day it would miraculously start printing full colour photos without the blink of an eye.

Anyway it hasn’t and last time I looked at it I had to walk away because I knew I didn’t have the time to replace the window pane I was going to throw it through.

I think the reason I hate printers so, it because they never do what you ask them to do, they are to reliant of physical factors, paper lying the right way, ink not being dry, printer heads not blocked, all these little things make them not quite work right, at least with computers (most of the time) they work, or they don’t, at least in my world they do.

A small aside about computers
Just blowing my own trumpet for a little while, computers I set up work, or they don’t because there broken, they don’t as many people tell you of their computers, do random strange things – and that’s because I don’t install random strange software on them, that’s the secret to the computer doing what you expect it to.

Back to printers
And unlike computers, printers require physical things to be fixed, and often you can’t tell which one it the main problem, oh and inkjet printers are rip-off, they drink ink, if you don’t tend to them enough, they stop working. “Printing in colour is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman…“,

While I’m going on about this, I’m going to name and shame; we have an Epson C60, a cheep printer that has cost us lots of money in ink and time trying to get it to print. The ink is a particular pain, and ever since I found out that Epson printers have little chips in the ink cartridges that stop them from being refilled, and in a lot of cases, from actually using all the ink in the printer, I’ve hated it even, more. A study showed recently that these “cheap” ?50 printers can actually cost ?1000’s of pounds, and I can well believe it, and the costs rise, even when you don’t use them, because they clog up, and you have to buy even more ink to get them working again.

OK so i’ve got that of my chest…. I can go to bed now..