Internet Worm

So it’s getting closer and closer to the day, when the internet worm that does everything right comes along and cripples a couple of thousand companies, this weekend it’s been the sasser worm. Which in itself doesn’t do anything clever, it just spreads, and either by good judgement or luck, the worm has hit over a bank holiday weekend, so a good number of networks will have been spreading the worm unmonitored for three days. All we need now is a worm that does something nasty and starts doing late Christmas Eve.

Earthworm Jim - a wormI don’t think we will have any major trouble with this worm in work, the firewall should have been keeping it out of the network over the weekend, and student laptops, and halls are separated from the main network, and to be honest we don’t care about them,

The biggest pain for me personally over these internet worms is I know I will have to go to yet another stable door meeting, to discuss the problems we encountered (no doubt someone’s pet application will be hit, and stink will be caused). These meetings are incredibly dull, and often just a place for people to point the finger at someone else, and I’ve had a nice 10 days without work, and I could do with something a little less obstructive to come back too.

What will happen is all the staff will arrive in this morning with their JMU laptops that they have been having terrible trouble with all weekend, after they used their broadband connection. These people will plug these machines straight into our network, and then we will see how patched we are.