Life’s gone all Hectic

At the Moment it feels like I have quite a hectic life and deep down I?m not actually sure that?s true. The weekend seemed to get quite frantic, but mostly that was down to my volunteering for something I didn?t want to do, and parties, and the house being a tip, and not sleeping and visiting my sister.

Volunteering: How you should only volunteer for things you don?t mind doing

Last Sunday, I was cornered and asked if I would do some Christian Aid work, basically dropping a leaflet through people?s door, and then returning sometime later and asking them for it back preferably with money in it.

Now, I foolishly felt a bit cornered and said yes, which gave me a number of moral problems.

  1. I don?t like unsolicited mail, I feel that if I wanted email from somebody I would ask for it, and if you drop something through my door, you can?t expect me to give you it back at a later date.
  2. I am against pressurising people into giving money, now call it my catholic upbringing, but It felt terribly like people where treating the Christian Aid thing as a bond, a sort of ?If I don?t donate I won?t go to heaven thing?. Now I?m not going to go into a big long theological discussion just yet, but the whole entry into heaven thing isn?t really down to how much or little you donate to charity
  3. I am not very good at talking to strangers especially when I?ve just randomly knocked on their door.

So it has to be said, all through the week I kept putting off going and delivering these letters and I almost just raided my slummy jar and filled the envelopes rather go round knocking on peoples doors, but Ruth persuaded me, that I had to offer people the opportunity to donate, and I had committed to it when I said yes.

I would just like to say at this point that I don?t object at all to the work Christian Aid does, in fact I don?t think the method they us to collect the money is necessarily wrong, it?s just that I find it uncomfortable.

Now the weekend’s over, I thought it might all calm down, but I arrived at work today, to find we had lost our student system and a weeks worth of data, And one of the main SQL servers had fallen over with a disk fault and JMU World was off.

oh well.

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