I’m Comedy Age

Hurray it’s my birthday, ?28 years old I am? which anyone who ever watched ?This morning with Richard not Judy? will remember is comedy age. For those who didn?t watch the zenith of British TV this is what comedy age is all about here is the sketch lifted from the lee and herring site (if I could link directly to it I would have)

RICH You know Stew, I?ve often thought, Comedy is the hardest job in the world isn?t it.

STEW No Rich, the hardest job in the world is being …


RICH Yeah, exactly.

STEW Being a comedian is the easiest job in the world. Today we?re gonna share with you the comedy trade secrets that most comedians guard with their lives.

RICH We?re like Penn and Teller? on truth drug

STEW Don?t..STU This week “28 years old”


R In the hands of the professional comedian the dull phrase 28 years old can be transformed into laughter Semtex.

STEW Look how I confound you all here


STU I remember going to the shops with my mum and I really needed a wee, but there were no toilets nearby, so she took me to the gutter and pulled my trousers down and I had to go in the drain, with everyone watching… 28 years old I was.

RICH Ah ha! Brilliant Stew! I assumed that you were about four but then I learned you were 28 years old. My expectations were confounded and from thence the humour arose.

STU That?s right Rich. And once you understand the formula it is oh so easy (FAST ? HOLDING UP CHILDISH PICTURE OF RICH AND STU ON SET AS IF DRAWN BY A 4 YEAR OLD) Look at this picture, my nephew did it for me. Good isn?t it?. 28 years old, he is.

Rich Ha ha. I imagined he was about 4

STU No, he?s 28?..I remember my first cub meeting none of the other kids would talk to me, they were bullying me, cracking me on the head with their knuckles, 28 years old, I was.

Rich I thought you must be about 4.

STU No I was 28, and I was the Arkela.

RICH Ah ha! I thought you were on of the cubs! That was a double surprise!

STEW That?s right Rich. But beware, in the hands of an inexperienced comedian like Rich the joke can fall flat on it?s face

RICH It was the day of my 28th birthday?

STU I?ll stop you there Rich. For the joke to work the set up needs to give the impression that you are much younger than 28. Try again

RICH Oh yeah, ok? Y?know Stu, I remember sitting in my pram, , my father was changing my dirty nappy, there was fecal matter all down my fat little legs, and on my hairless scrotum. I had not developed the ability to walk or speak. Then I started suckling on my mother?s breast.. 28 years old I was.

STU That?s very sad, had you had some kind of brain haemorrhage or mental breakdown

R No, it was a joke.

STU Well I?m glad you think that mental illness is a fit subject for humour

R No, You know I was doing the thing from before..

S No

R We were all laughing about it earlier.

S No. You?ve embarrassed me, you?ve embarrassed the audience, you?ve embarrassed the king

R I haven?t

S He has hasn?t he?


S But most of all you?ve embarrassed yourself. Say sorry.

R 28 years old!

S Don?t do that.

R I?m sorry.

S We?ll forgive, but we can never forget what you?ve done here today.

So you see… comedy age!