I’m a big fan of Flylady, although my adherence to “the program” (sic) has slipped significantly of late. I mean, yes, I’m pregnant and knackered, but by all accounts, that’s no excuse. Nevertheless, I think she’s right about lots of things, and describes me to a tee, when she talks about people who are easily sidetracked, who get overwhelmed if the job is too big, and don’t even start, and who have a tendency to “hyperfocus” on some tiny detail, to the detriment of the bigger picture.

Yes, folks, that’s me.

I’ve been in hyperfocus heaven, just recently. The esteemed Vice-Chancellor of our fine educational institution lately announced that our intranet service was A Disgrace and would be Closed Down if we didn’t Fix It. So, instead of the scary, big jobs that I should have been thinking about, I’ve been wandering around the site, making individual pages validate, and correcting logos, and stripping out crappy MS Word HTML. I was born to subedit, I think. Still, 30 pages down, only 25,000 to go. You see how this is a slightly unrealistic strategy for solving the problem?!

Today, though, I’ve had to revert to the Big Jobs, and as a result, I hate my job again. I feel tired, and overwhelmed, and I don’t see how we’re ever going to get the new site live. Ever.

It’s probably just me. I’m very pregnant, you know.