Mr Lama;

Gosh today has been a frantic day, today the Dalai Lama visited our fine institution, or to be more accurate he visited the Anglican cathedral, which we were once again loaning to perform one of our pseudo religious ceremonies. (When you are hosting a lecture the people watching are an audience not a congregation).

Anyway given that this is the first time that Mr Lama has visited the UK in a while we got some media attention, and we had decided to web cast the whole thing across the internet. So what do you think happened…

Yep the stream didn’t quite work all the time, now at the moment we’re still not quite sure why, but then we did have quite a bit of kit bundled into this one, the cathedrals isn’t our building (just saying that again to make sure you know) so it isn’t on our network, so somewhere between a pc in the corner of the building to the Machine Room in the sub sub basement of our building something went wrong. It wasn’t a complete disaster the video worked, just occasionally it threw a wobbler and the video froze.

Thankfully all the management people who would have shown off their “Man Management” skills by hanging around my desk until I fixed it, where all in the cathedral watching Mr Lama. So we just sat through it and waited. All in all we had over 1500 connections to watch the video, but only about 152 people at any one time. The server should have coped but it didn’t. Anyway not to worry tomorrow we might have a stable door meeting, and then we can all see who we can find to blame.