Hollywood Hype (A Rant about DVD’s)

Now before I start, just let me say, I consider copying movies/CD’s the same as walking into the shop and putting them in your pocket without paying for them, theft after all is theft.

The thing in all of this that id do disagree with is the image Hollywood, (and more so, the Record Industry Assosication of America) push of a downtrodden, industry where the consumer is doing everything they can to steal their hard work.

the hype has been around for years but has started to sneak over to this country more and more in recent times. an example is the story of the VUE cinema (Warner to you and me) who have started to issue the ushures with night vision goggles to cach camcorder movie theifs, because they are destroying the industry. Well, again yes, as I said at the beginning, this is wrong, but it feel this is an industry pointing the finger at the weakest person because that will deflect the spotlight from them!

The fact is that while the majority of copies available in your local market will be poor quality copies from camcorders, these aren’t going to stop people buying the DVD or even VHS copy of the movie if they weren’t interested. No the high quality copy’s made during production or given out as industry freebees are the real problem and they are all over the internet. All of these copies have to come from someone with access to the sources of the movies, and they will stop people from buying the real thing.

When the movie industry starts playing up the drop in sales. The other area they seem to neglect is the fact that they are overpricing the product. for me DVD’s are way overpriced compared to their VHS counterparts. no doubt the first defence you will hear to defend this will be ‘the DVD has extra features’ well in most cases (and yes their are exceptions) these extra features are just promo videos, pseudo “making of” documentaries, and the trailers for the movie. All of which would have been made anyway, and are used by the satellite movie channels to fill the spaces between films and promote the next new release. The point is all of these things don’t actually increase the cost of the DVD, and DVD’s are cheaper to make than VHS tapes. the packaging is also smaller, so the transport costs are lower. Can somebody please point me to the area of DVD production that means I can be paying up to 40% more for the small silver disk over the big clunky tape?

In summary (and yes I know I’ve been ranting), I think Hollywood and music industry should sort out their own house before they start hunting down 12 year old girls

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