The Isle of Wight

Hurray, hurray, we’re on our holiday, today we set off on our week long break to the Isle of Wight. Given the nature of the UK and the fact that public transport it quite poor, we drove down the 260 odd miles, because it’s the week after half term, most of the traffic was going the other way, so the journey wasn’t to bad. We did go via the new M6 Toll, which is fantastic, you pay your ?2, and it’s just like travelling on the M58 nice and empty with no other cars on the road.

The island itself is its stereotypical blue-sky and sunshine, so once we got to our apartment, we headed of to Ventnor beach for a sit in the late sunshine, and a drink at the spyglass in, a cool little pub on the end of the beach, where we just sat and watched the day fade away.

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