Food Prices by the Floor

I’ve had to double check and triple check this, because even though I have worked in this fine institution for a little over five years, this does bring us to a new level.

It is rumoured that, the catering department in the university, who provide drinks and butties for meetings, actually charge more for delivery to the tower, the higher up the building you are! Now given that the building has lifts to all but the second floor (it’s an old bank building, so it’s all a bit weird), this does seem to be taking it a bit far.

The net result is that people get the food delivered to the ground floor (no rooms just the reception, which is getting rebuilt, so they mean the floor just inside the door) and then they go get the butties and take them up in the lift themselves.

2 thoughts on “Food Prices by the Floor

  1. It’s only just occurred to me – the lifts were incredibly flakey. Maybe the pricing system took into account how likely it was that catering staff would get stuck in the lift, and be out of action for an hour or more?

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