We Wuz Robbed

Oh well another England assault on a major cup competition ends in a penalty shoot out. No doubt the news papers tomorrow will be filled with how we had a blatant goal disallowed. that’s fine but I think we should look at the other 85 minuets of the game and how the free kick the goal came from was questionable.

We watched the football in our friends the gilberts’, and the walk back gave me time to reflect on the football, and move on. Now I’m more concerned with the plight of tranmere in the coca-cola football league one, or division three as us normal fans call it.

1 thought on “We Wuz Robbed

  1. it was awful to watch.. Our defending was pretty poor throughout.
    That goal definitely shouldn’t have been disallowed though 🙁
    Oh well, I suppose I’ll have to do some more work before bed to take my mind off it

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