Week 28: So how are we doing?

Well, the bumps grown, you can pretty much guarantee that if you leave you hand on the bump for long enough you will feel a kick.

Ruth has started to feel the heat quite a bit in recent days. Especially at work, where the heating controls are a bit limited. To counter this she been working from home some days to try and avoid the overheating.

We are well on the way now, only 12 weeks to go, and the house is almost ready, we have had carpets laid in all the upstairs rooms (we did this first because Caroline told us about chemicals in new carpets), we’ve just taken delivery of a large chest-of-draws and a wardrobe so we can move all our clothes out of what is currently the walk in wardrobe, and will become the nursery. We are now moving on to cots and prams.

We have picked the pram, and just need to decide on a cot. We have a small cabinet, which will probably do for nappies and stuff, and the rail and shelf left over from the walk-in wardrobe will no doubt be put to good use.

At this point we are just beginning to try and get a grasp on what things other people are going to buy us. It’s our theory, that new born babies don’t need too much stuff, and whole rafts of new born baby grows aren’t needed. What we do need, is nappies, a crib of some form. And some little jump suit type things.