Cash out the Wall

First Direct, have sent me (and 99,999 other people) a letter suggesting I should take all the money I need out the cash machine in one go.; because there is an increased risk of cash machine fraud.

Well that’s all very well and good, but surely you are just going to replace the risk of cash machine fraud with the risk of me getting bopped over the head with something heavy and all my money taken off me? Now call me a bit selfish, but if I have a choice of someone steal my money from the bank using fake whatevers (then I would expect the bank to pay me back), or me getting injured by some bloke with a big bat. I will carry on using the cash machines.

Ruth got rather irate by this letter, partly because of pregnancy hormones, but partly because of the condescending tone of the letter. The bit that I noticed was

“Perhaps even more convenient, you make like to consider using your debit card to pay for goods and services more often. The money stays in your account a little longer and you don’t need to worry about the inconvenience of regular visits to the cash machine”

Well duh, I do use my debit card wherever possible (my record low transaction is 68p in boots), but that is actually becoming increasingly difficult for small purchases, and why? Because companies like who run the machines in the shops (like Barclays and HSBC) charge the shops a handling free for switch payments so most shops have a lower limit of ?5 and more and more ?10 on switch transactions. So I would happily use my card if I could!

If that obstacle was cleared the only other one left is the car park by work where I pay ?2 a day to park. Again I fear the economics of putting a system in place that means I can pay by card are too restrictive for both my bank and the council.

So yes Mr first direct, I will reduce the amount of times I go the cash machine. If you make it easier for me to pay by debit card; I would quite happily carry no cash if that was possible.

i would just like to point out, that normaly I would consider First Direct to be the best bank in the U.K and they probibly are just looking out for me, but i just got all uppidy about them telling me how to use my money