New pregnancy problems – corporate and public toilets

I’ve not bloggged for ages and ages, because I just don’t seem to have had the energy. Being pregnant has started to get on my wick, this week. I’m enormous. Well, I’m not particularly enormous for 31 weeks, but I FEEL enormous.

Yesterday a new problem presented itself associated with fitting into toilet cubicles at work. The size of the cubicles, by which I mean the amount of space allowed between the door when it’s half-open, and the actual toilet seat, is extremely ungenerous in some parts of the building. To be honest, an ordinary, non-pregnant, fatter-than-average bird I think would have struggled. The difference between awkward and impossible, in my case, relies on the positioning of the toilet-roll-holder. I got wedged between the door and the toilet-roll-holder in a cubicle on the second floor, yesterday, and had to use the other one. Consider this diagram:

illustrative diagram of the poor design of the toilet cubicles at work
Not to scale

Clearly, the positioning of toilet-roll-holders has been decided based on the location of Real Walls rather than polycarbon cubicle walls, but the effect is to take what is already insufficient space (note how close to the toilet bowl the door gets when it’s opened), and make it unworkable.

I wonder if the University keeps statistics on which toilets are used most often? They could measure the number of flushes, or the consumption of loo-block, or something. I think it would be most illuminating.

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