Still only Three Graces

So the fourth grace project has been cancelled. It’s quite sad really because I was just coming around to the idea, that the concept drawings didn’t do the building justice, and when it was built it may have looked a bit nicer.

In hindsight (a very precise science I know), it appears that the chosen design of the Alsop partnership, was chosen not because of the validity of the plans but because the proposed building was the only one of the four not to be taller than the liver buildings. Once it became clear that in order to raise the finance for the “cloud” that the accompanying apartment blocks where going to be taller than the liver buildings, everyone seemed to go cool on the project. (Lack of firm plans at the outset appears also to have been a problem).

On a positive note, you do have to applaud the people behind the decision to stop the project, so often projects like this are continued because ‘so much has already been committed’ and for no other reason. Having seen first hand projects that have been pushed through because of past commitment, I have to say stopping now before any land was even levelled, has to be the right choice.

Maybe we will get our canal now?

As an aside, could a project where no one could actually give you a consistent cost ever succeed? On the 15th July this year Will Alsop, claimed the project costs had dropped from ?270m to ?200m, while on the 19th July the Fourth Grace Public Partners announcing the cancellation of the project said the costs had risen from ?228m to ?324m