Sitting in a dark corner working away…

OK I admit it, for whatever reason, sleeplessness has returned to Kevin, so whiling away the little hours of the day, my brain somehow decided to have a look around the UK Academic world to see if people are doing similar things to us.

Looking around Data Integration and Data Exchange, I found quite a bit of information for Dundee University (they seem about 12-18 Months behind us), I know Leeds are doing similar things because we have visited them (the are a bit behind in the technical level of integration). Anyway I noticed during all this googling, that I never once found our project. Now given that public documentation is not our strongest area, I wasn’t overly surprised at us not being high up on Google, but when I then searched CWIS (the universities intranet) it turns out there is only one document that mentions DES*, and then only in passing.

Now I don’t want to sound self important here, but as you would see if you looked at the information at Dundee, Data Exchange is quite fundamental to the business processes of the university, so it’s quite a shock to see that we don’t tell anybody about it. Not that I’m complaining to much, attention often brings flack (we have this already) and most of it misguided at the wrong projects (yep us again).

I can’t imagine what problems would have flown our way last September (Notice the lack of posts in september 03, no energy) when the student system was failing to deliver, given that the data actually travels from that system to all other systems via DES (I would like to point out that our bit worked 110% last year, so it would have been misguided). I think all in all, I won’t kick up to much of a fuss about our lack of publicity, probably better just to sit back in a quite corner, and get on with it.

most people have Data integration, we have Data Exchange, if only because we had a better acronym (DES Lynam if you care), Stuart wouldn’t let me call it Brittney