Many Graduations

Its day three of the university graduations, two a day, for five days (well only one on Friday), and this is my 4th graduation ceremony. Every year we stream the graduation ceremonies, across the internet, and into the students union, so somebody has to baby sit the encoding computer and make sure, it doesn’t stop (although if it does, I don’t quite know what I am meant to do about it).

Ruth graduated on Monday afternoon, so we all got to watch without having to worry about tickets, and robes, we did get roped into doing a photo call for marketing, so our picture is currently adorning CWIS , because we appear to be a human interest story.

When you come to so many of the graduations you get to hear the same speech again, and again, and again, you start to pick up every minute difference in the words. I have to say, public speaking isn’t the vice chancellor’s main talent, so sometimes it can be painful. Although he just got a murmur of a laugh (more than that joke got in the last four graduations).

Currently he is telling everyone how fantastic Liverpool is, with capital of culture, world heritage site. Which talking to other people from the other universities in liverpool is the current theme of most graduation speeches. The Vice Chancellor speech, at a graduation is quite a strange thing; it’s sort of a cross between, a publicity advert, and a end of year statement to the staff.

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