like riding a bike…

While it’s true that you never forget how to ride a bike, you do forget how much effort it is, after months of procrastination, last week I finally dug out my bike from the back of the yard, rubbed off the rust and sprayed about 50 liters of WD40 onto the chain in an effort to get all the links to move. This morning, I took the bike for a little test ride, just around the block, to make sure the wheels turned the brakes worked and it didn’t fall apart.

Now it was only a short ride, (I didn’t have my fancy milometer), but I think it was about 0.9 miles, I did ride up the bridge on penny lane so there was a steep climb, but gosh my legs went wobbly, for about the next hour.

This doesn’t bode well, my plan is to cycle to work every day once Ruth has left on maternity leave, now on the route I use (which avoids roads and hills where possible) it’s 4.5 miles to work, that’s 9 miles a day! There’s’ no doubt I will be fitter after a year of that everyday, as long as I don’t collapse in the first week.