an imotive issue: pay

This week I am preparing to do something that up until now I’ve never ‘officially’ done. I’m going to ask for a raise.

Now where I work, a raise is actually an expected thing, you survive the year, and you get moved one point up pay the scale. Now this approach leads to all sorts of problems, most of them are for the employer, so I’m not going to moan too much, but I does leave you unsure of your worth, when you can either work hard and get a pay rise, or you can sit around doing nothing and get one too.

Well over the last two years, this has become more and more of an issue for me, last year, I considered my self to have worked pretty hard, and achieved some quite impressive things, but I only got a single point rise. Now at the time, this was put down to the contrived rules of pay scales where I couldn’t go up two points on the scale because I was at the top of one section and you can only go to the bottom of the next section, you can’t jump in the middle. So I swallowed that one, and thought not much of it, but now it’s coming around this year, and looking back, I’ve done loads this year too.

In fact I’ve probably done even more this year, and pulled of what I would consider to be some minor miracles along the way, that coupled with the fact that it turns out I can’t be transferred across the department, because I’m indispensable, coupled with the situation today, where I appeared to be the only person in the department who actually understands our active directory/library system/security system and am being expected to deliver either major changes or brand new implementations of them by September makes me think, I want my double increment this year.