On me bike.

It’s day two of Ruth being at home and me cycling to work, and so far… Well I’m doing ok, Ruth is climbing the walls a bit, but I suspect that will go away once she gets into the swing of being at home all day.

The bike riding isn’t as hard as I thought it would be, I mean yes I am still getting wobbly legs when I walk down stairs and it takes me 20 minutes of sitting around before I’m willing to move again. But it’s not super hard, my bum hurts from the saddle, but after a little while when your legs start hurting you soon forget about your bum.

Ruth has been all dynamic over the last two days, and has started to gain control of the house, which for the last 4 months at least has sort of being bubbling along at not tidy, and almost a tip. That makes me sound pants, but I have been running around doing all the other stuff, like shopping, work, putting shelves up and all the other little jobs that all of a sudden pop up when a baby is on the way.

I have to admit to becoming very exited about the whole baby thing, now. And yes I may have lost some sleep over the weekend because I was all excited, and there’s still four weeks to go!