Tonight we did something we haven’t done in ages, we stayed up past ten! Well actually we went the pictures, to see a I,Robot, which it turns out is a good film.

The thing that not everyone in Hollywood seems to get is that what makes a good film is not all the special effects, shooting and blood, but a good story, find one of thoese and yes you can make it cool with all the effects but it’s the story that makes the film.

I Robot has a story, and it has effects. Thankfully the latter doesn’t drown out the former, there is a quite a bit of product placement (but I don’t think I will be buying an Audi, JVC stereo or some Converse trainers just yet), but it’s not too bad, and using the old trick of dishing out all the violence onto robots means that you can get some quite good fight scenes in without turning to many peoples stomachs.

I’m not going to do a full on film review, just to say I Robot is one of the better films I’ve seen this year (OK it’s the only film I’ve gone to see this year, but I have watched a couple of films on SKY)

If you want a review go see the Internet Movie Database Entry