Week in Review,

It’s been quite a busy week for me, I’ve settled into the bike riding now, and I am feeling a lot better for it. I get up at seven much easier than I use to, I cycle to work, get in for eight which means I can get a bit of work done before everybody else arrives and distractions come along, and I get to leave at four.

Most things in work have been revolving around the dreaded library system , which after loads of problems is now nearly all working, I have felt pretty desperate at times with this thing, working on a problem, getting to a point where the company need to come back with a solution, moving on to the next problem, only to find when I go back to the first one that we are back at square one. I have felt like tearing my hair out some days, and it turns out I have.

Ruth noticed a few weeks back that I have a small bald spot, and this week, I saw it, and after a quick shave of my head it transpires I have scratched away a big chunk of my hair in stress. It’s not a normal bald spot (so I hope) its lob sided, no where near my crown, or the middle front of my head. And it’s squareish, It can only be down to the stress of getting this thing working.