Littler Chef

They’ve gone and made the little chef bloke thinner! I do hope this doesn’t mean they are going to change the food. Little chef is one of my favourite little ‘treats’ either on long journeys or much to my shame as a little trip out. I like little chef for many of the same reasons that I like staying in travel inns they are safe, they are all almost Identical, and you know that they will be open when you get there.

For a long time I called them little thief because of the quite high prices, but now I’ve got use to that (and I earn more money than I did as a student), and I am quite willing to pay ?1.79 for a pot of tea, because I know exactly what I’m getting. Now much to my joy they have started to take over the world of service stations where you had to pay at least ?1.80 for a tea, except it would be horrid, and you would have to eat at a horrid table, that was still sticky from the last 50 meals eaten there. My favourite thing about the motorway Little Chefs is the little home printed sign they all have (see even the makeshift signs are the same) that say something like:

‘We aim, to serve you in a relaxed environment, and as such it can take up to 15 minutes to get your food, if you are in a hurry use Burger King’