Think Tanks

So what exactly does it take to be a member of a think tank? In fact what does it take to be able to call your self a think tank? It would appear from today’s news that you can state what everybody already knew, as long as you use some colourful analogies and you will get on the national news (to be fair it’s august and that doesn’t take much).

Today its Clone towns, apparently big chain stores are making the UK’s towns look more and more alike, as they take over the high street and muscle out the little guy. Really? What a shocker, surely this isn’t news, it’s something anybody who has been to more than two cities or towns in this country knows. I mean I don’t want to upset the people of London, Manchester, or Ludlow, but there is very little special in any of these places.

London, is just a bigger version of a city, where you have the biggest Boots, and the biggest Sainbury’s, with the odd shop (like Harrods) which is nice to look in but not actually to buy stuff, Manchester is just a smaller version of London. With a not quite as big but big Waterstones, and a Big Marks and Spencers, and the occasional shop you can’t get anywhere else, and Ludlow, is a small town. Wit h a small Boots, and a little Dixons, and maybe an odd antique shop.

But most of all this is something that has been true for years and most of us know it.
Now this “think tank” wants people to take pictures of their “clone town” and send it to them. Thinking about it, this may not be a think tank, it’s a cunning plan by one of those big publishing houses, to bring out a coffee table book much in the vein of boring postcards, boring towns?