Capital of Signposts

You see Liverpool may have won the capital of culture bid for 2008 and there are all sorts of plans to knock down half the city, and have a building site in 2008 so that in 2009 we can have a shopping complex, but there is no denying that the capital of culture is making a difference to the city now.

You see if you read the Movement Strategy for the city centre, you might get a vague idea, about how the centre of the city is going to “move” (Ruth’s theory is, it’s all a plot, because the council couldn’t move the street traders, their moving the city instead).

This is all very well and good, but the main problem they appear to envisage with this movement of the city, is people won’t know where anything is any more. So a key part of the movement strategy is signposts.

Yes so the major change in Liverpool since we won the Capital of Culture bid, has been signposts, there are quite nice blue sign posts around the pier head, new shiny road signs that are held up with only one post instead of two, and some new signposts in lime street station (these may just be a coincidence with rail track doing the station up).

But now apparently the next part of the signpost blitz is causing a stir, the council is replacing the suburb signposts that tell you which bit of the city you are in. Apparently a lot of these signs are quite old, missing or (and this is the controversial bit) in the wrong place!

The council have gone back to some historical maps and found that some suburbs are just not where you think they are, apparently Speke and Garston don’t stop and start in the right place, and Walton is bigger than the signs suggest (as if Walton isn’t big enough already!).

You’ll never guess but people are now worried that this is going to affect the price of houses, and they will no longer be able to put the posh suburb on their address.

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