Rebranded Culture

the capital of culture band wagon, appears to have moved up a step today. re branding madness has hit the city. out goes the star duck, and in comes the trendy squiggles with a bit of the sky line (a bit that isn’t going to change by 2008).

along with losing the duck, the emblem using during the bidding process, and hence plastered all over the city, i think a bit more control is being exercised with the new logo, the terms and conditions while not as obscure as the Athens Olympic Web Site, do lay down the law about coping the content.

this point is a bit silly:
“The user may access any part of the site and download or copy material (by printing off individual pages on to paper) or download material onto disc (but not on to any server or other device connected to a network) for personal non-commercial use only. The copyright in such material shall be retained by Liverpool Culture Company or where the material has been licensed to Liverpool Culture Company, by the rights owners of the material.”

does anyone want to point out that looking at the page downloads it to a device connection to a network.