The Wrong tools for the job

My common-law-brother-In-law (hitherto referred to as my brother-out-law) and I have had a great idea for a Discovery Home and Leisure TV show, what you do is film either him or me doing a bit of DIY, preferably together and then show it as how not to do something. You see it’s all very well having Tommy Walsh, and Ben Huggins, prancing around there respective building sites, knocking down walls and laying conservatories in 45 minutes, but they have one distinct advantage over us – the right tools.

A case in point is the little job I’ve just done, the putting up of the keyboard on to the wall, now for this one I had most of the right tools, and eventually after several trips to the shed I even had all of them close to hand, I didn’t however know how big the holes needed to be for the wall-plugs (because I didn’t have the bag they came in) and a sort of guessed on level, for some angles ( I juggled the spirit level as I drew dots on the wall, it looks level), but most of all it took me about 45 minutes to drill 9 holes and screw in three brackets, and to be honest I’m not sure if I put the brackets on the right way around.

I do hope our child learns DIY skills from the TV and not from their father.