A Job for Life…

Well almost, this week has been mainly about hanging about waiting for the call, so while in work I’ve been putting my time to good use, I’ve tidied my desk, and sorted out the backlog of CD’s that we get through the post from Microsoft, and finally I’ve made a list.

The list, was a quick of the ‘top of my head’ list of jobs that are in some way my responsibility and that I am going to have to do when I get back off paternity leave. Anyway I came up with roughly 25 things, with a combined estimated work load of 47 weeks, so that’s me done for the next year.

anyway, as people are always asking me what I do at work, and I can never answer them fully, here is the list.

  • DES
    • Course Lists
      • Blackboard: Creation of Course/Level “Modules”
      • Distribution Lists : Inclusion of the Course Information
    • VIPPS:
      • Final Requested Changes
      • Integration into DES interface
    • Athens DA (First Week in November)
    • LMS:
      • More work needed to include some special postgraduate types
      • Make the Rules even more flexible
      • Reconcile the missing 100
      • The X-Server Version
    • Blackboard – rework to use the .NET API instead of the SQL Hacks.
    • Activate/Activate – the Anonmizing of usernames (pick your own)
    • Other Systems
      • Schedule Plus?
      • Support Magic
      • Phone System
  • Active Directory
    • Active Directory Security
    • CompReg : The Rewrite
    • GroupReg: Group Management App,
  • Media Project:
    • Revisit the Encoder Client (make it a bit more robust, and include a few more options)
  • Launcher (has this gone away?)
  • Laptops and Remaining “Registration” Clients
  • Security Group
  • Far Far Away
    • Message of the Day (upgrade from the Workgroups Version?)
    • Instant Messaging (Live Communications Server?)
    • .NET Passports (non domain authentication)