What to do, with a bit of spare time?

Yes, we are still waiting, and I’m still at work, although work isn’t to bad, because I haven’t go ‘anything’ to do. Well I say anything, I have no project work to do, given that the expectation was that I would be off sometime, around the 12th, I worked flat out for quite a while trying to squeeze in everything possible, mainly for the library system before I went off on my extended leave.

Except now, I’m still here, the library interface needs a few things fixing, but I’m not going to do any changes to quite a critical system, just in case I brake it, and that goes for all the other things I could be working on (see list). So I’m at a bit of a loose end, not to say that I’m not doing stuff, for some inexplicable reason, WINS isn’t working (don’t ask why we still rely on it), NBT is doing something strange on one of our domain controllers, and we still aren’t getting all the correct information out of the student system, but other than that, I’m at a bit of a loose end.

I could be and probably should be using this time to do something interesting, it’s the interesting things I squeeze in between projects that so often become the most important things I do, and they also keep going, in a job which to be honest can be a bit dull, and frustrating, especially with all the politics we have to wade through.

Never mind, I shall sit here for a bit longer, seeing if there is anything I can start, that I can also not finish, without people noticing…