Term + 11

Yesterday, saw our term + 11 appointment, at the hospital. The purpose of this appointment, is to check that the baby is OK, and that you haven’t had to much of being pregnant and want out.

Checking the baby, involved strapping Ruth up to a fetal monitor, to check the baby’s heart rate, and any contractions Ruth may have been having. Once strapped in Ruth was given a little button and told to press it whenever she ‘felt the baby move’, so us having the most active baby in the world, ended up with a graph with loads of little lines on it, for the umpteen movements of the baby. infact the baby moved so much the monitor, had quite a lot of trouble keeping contact with the heart beat, so much so, that when the test was finished, the machine flagged up one episode of rapid movement as a deceleration of heart rate, something they don’t ignore in the hospital, so we had to come back later last night, to do the test again.

after some trouble with the machines, the second visit went much smoother, and a good 40 minutes of baby monitoring showed no signs of heart deceleratation, so they let us go home.

the current plan is to give this baby until Monday, to come out of it’s own accord, if it turns out we do have a lazy baby (and given the parents that wouldn’t be a huge surprise) then we will go back Monday morning, where they will do all the tests again, and I expect we will tell them we want an induction.

3 thoughts on “Term + 11

  1. Are you sure about an induction – I’ve heard some pretty big horror stories about how they make labour that much worse. I’d enjoy those last few days of just the two of you. It’s much more peaceful. Either way, best of luck for the big day.

    Vic (www.20six.co.uk/glowstars)

  2. I’m sure you are at the stage where you really don’t care about all the horror stories – you just want to get on with it! All 4 of mine were induced Ruth, and I’m still here, (and I did have 4!!!) so dont worry about silly comments (posted by a man of course) love from your wicked step mum x

  3. I’m actually very nervous indeed about the idea of an induction – as you say, there are plenty of horror stories about, not least from my sister-in-law; however, the fact is, you can’t stay pregnant forever, and if things don’t appear to be happening naturally, sooner or later you have to give up.

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