How to hang a toilet roll

I learnt of a horrifying fact about Ruth this week, admittedly it may be a bit late in our relationship to learn horrifying things but I think we may weather the storm.

Ruth it seams, interferes in the dealings of other households on a regular basis, When visiting other peoples water closets, Ruth has an inclination to turn peoples toilet rolls around, so they are hanging the ‘right way’.

The right way, it would seem is with the end of the roll hanging at the front, and this it seems is enough of a convention that Ruth will change other peoples loos to conform to the standard.

I have to say, I was scandalized when Ruth told me this, but there is more, Ruth has confessed to another lavatory related crime, when visiting our friends the Gilberts, Ruth has been know to turn over their calendar when the month was wrong.

3 thoughts on “How to hang a toilet roll

  1. Hello, I found your blog when I was looking for people who liked Wayne’s World. I just wanted to say she is totally right. I would go so far as to say a revolutionary-trying to change the world one roll at a time. Bravo

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