The Daisy whirlwind…

Has definitely hit our house, we’ve never had so many visitors, so little sleep, and so many presents.

Daisy is doing fine, she is having trouble remembering how to breast feed, but today, she seems to be remembering and we’ve just had a good 13-14 minute feed, with virtually no hassle!

The nights are the thing you can’t prepare for, sleepless nights, are something we have all experienced, but sleepless, coupled with the need to actually get out of bed, and do things, makes the world of difference, it’s still early days, so night times, are still quite clumsy, so once daisy has woken us up, it’s about an hour before we are going back to sleep.

our big plan for today, is to go to church. Not the whole service, just tea and coffee afterwards, this will be daisy’s first trip out, (apart from the trip home from hospital) so we all get a chance to try out the new pram, and Daisy gets to be the center of attention (again).