Week two of motherhood

It’s a carefully worked-out plan, that new babies are hardly any trouble at all for the first three or four days. They just sleep loads, and look at you in stunned disbelief, which when you consider what they’ve just been through, is scarcely surprising. It’s how they lull you into a false sense of security, and perhaps, give you a couple of days’ grace to get over the birth yourself. Daisy is nine days old today, and it has definitely gotten harder.

She’s still beautiful, and cute, and everything, and I love her to pieces. However, this week, she’s also decided that feeding should happen every hour or so, particularly at night, and that sleeping should only be allowed to happen if someone is holding you. Maybe I should adopt a similar philosophy? Mind you, it’s all I can do to fit in feeding myself between feeding her so often…

It’s temporary. I know it is. She’s only a week old, she’ll have presented me with a dozen new problems by this time next week – when I look back and count the number of things that I’ve worried myself silly about, and have resolved themselves somehow, in the last week, she may just get over it. I also know that I’m tired, and hormonal, and on the occasions when fluid inexplicably leaks from my eyes, it doesn’t really mean much, except that I’m tired and hormonal. But it is getting harder.