Daisy the sleeping baby

Gosh, after four nights of what seemed like no sleep, Daisy has slept through the night twice in a row! Now it’s only two nights, and we don’t like to call anything that hasn’t happened for over a week a habit, so we are just using these nights to catch up on sleep.

what’s more amazing is this happened after we took advice from my mum (not about wind, because my mum is obsessed with wind), who said we should warm up the cot with a hot water bottle before we put Daisy in at night, at it seems to have done wonders. She still won’t go to sleep in the cot (although she will in the new bouncy chair we got yesterday), so that’s the next step, once of course we have decided this is a habit and not just a phase!

2 thoughts on “Daisy the sleeping baby

  1. My mum was convinced that what worked with me, my sister and brother was a bath and feed before a definately set bed time which could then be brought forward once routine was established. I was unsure but we tried it and it worked. Could be worth giving a go.


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