Asda Shopping…

I wasn’t going to blog about this, as it’s basically useless information that nobody, really cares about, and I don’t think it’s going to bring any value to the human race as a whole, but then I remembered my rules of blogging, so here it is.

Shopping at ASDA is something I disturbingly have come to enjoy over the last year or so; ever since Ruth fell pregnant (it’s not so much a fall, but you know what I mean). I’ve been the sole ASDA shopper for the household, and again not that Shopping with Ruth isn’t fun, for some reason, I don’t mind shopping on my own, I get to be as skatty or as focused as I like, I can take 30 minutes picking a jam or I can run down the isles just randomly putting my hand to the nearest food available, anyway during my shopping trips my mind wonders around many subjects, most of them very trivial, and after todays shop I thought I would share a few of them with the world.

Heinz Baked beans: I would just like to register my objection to the dumbing down of Heinz baked beans, to Heinz Baked Beanz, what exactly is that Z doing there? Is it bringing anything to the product, or is it just making me think, “gosh that’s sad, are they trying to make beans trendy?’

Bounty: the stronger soaker upper, now I am a recent convert to Bounty, but isn’t it fantastic? And it’s not even that expensive! Today I bought a 4 pack with two extra free rolls, which made bounty cheaper per roll than ASDA super cheep kitchen roll, and even without the offer, it’s not much more expensive, and it does work when wet. I’ve gotten to the state where I don’t believe TV adverts anymore, so when I wet the bounty, I was truly shocked that it did what the telly ads said.

ASDA Smart Price Cookies: Ruth’s mum bought some of these when she was shopping for us last week, just as cupboard fillers for when we have guests, and they are dead nice, if you don’t tell anyone they think they are Maryland cookies, so buy these instead of Maryland and you can use the money you save to buy more Bounty!