the new routine…

Friday morning, and we are at the bit of the routine, where I get to spend an hour, drinking coffee and eating cake. Ruth is in “Mum’s and Tums”, which is as it sounds a meeting for mothers to be, and new mums, with a few midwifes for good measure.

however, this is no partners so I get left in the cafe, where last week I had a fantastic piece of “Mars Bar” cake, and to be honest I have been looking forward to more cake all week, so it will come as no surprise to find out they didn’t have any this week. never mind, the lemon cake is nice too :o)

I quite like the idea of some quite time, at least once a week, where I can sit and collect thoughts, and do a little bit people watching, quite a nice hobby. I remember when Ruth and I went on our honeymoon, to a remote island is Scotland, and after about 10 days of very limited human contact, we decided to stop over in Edinburgh for one night on the way back.

The contrast couldn’t have been more stark, the island had at most about 6 people on it. every other day we would leave the island, and go somewhere big, like Mallaig or Fort William, and on the days where we stayed on the island, we would end up sitting on a bench overlooking the jetty watching other people come back from their trips. so Edinburgh, was quite a shock at first.

we where quite lucky when we went to get a hotel too, because it was a bit of a spur of the moment thing we turned up at the travel inn and asked for a room, and they where full. but this was good, because the woman behind the counter said, that they had an agreement with another hotel around the corner who would give us a room and charge travel inn rates, and besides the other hotel was nicer, and it was, it was the 4 star carlton hotel, on the bridge, in the middle of Edinburgh, so we got a ?150 per person per night room for ?45 for the room.

we spent that night sitting in the bar of the hotel (we did go out, this was just the very end of the night), watching people, trying to work out who was married to who, just what that family where celebrating, it was then that we realised we where people watchers, and maybe holidays on privately owned Scottish islands should something we keep for very special occasions.

Shock update:
They may have mars bar cake, they are just hiding it behind the counter! oh well i’ve had my lemon cake now. maybe next week.