Three Weeks today

Daisy is 3 (weeks) today, and well, it’s going OK so far, over the last week, we’ve had a fair number of good nights where she has slept right through, you fell almost guilty for mentioning that your two week old baby is sleeping through when you know so many people have babies who don’t do that for ages.

Daisy has regained her birth weight, which means the milk is good, and in the last few days she has started to become much more interested in her surroundings, she will now just sit on your knee for ages and look at the house, and cats, and of course us. When we have visitors, as Daisy gets agitated, either the sound of Ruth or My voice means she turns to see where we are, and quickly gets handed back, which is nice.

I’ve now only got one week left before I have to go back to work, and I still don’t see how I’m going to do it…