Back to work…

So my four weeks are over, and rather reluctantly this morning I got out of bed (it was still dark!), donned my bike gear, and trundled of in the near darkness, and quite wet rain, to the depressing sixties building that is work. I’ve been here now, for what seems an age (about 6 hours), and I want to go home.

As a sample of the junk that I get on a daily basis, I got about 350-400 emails over the last 4 weeks (quite a lot of them, are automatic and system based,I’m as popular as all that) and now, I have 312 items in my deleted items folder 197 of which are still unread.

I knew this before I came back, but it would appear that I took the best 4 weeks of the year to be off, with at least three big crisis hitting the department, fortunately the last of these was over a week ago, so everybody has had a chance to calm down, and chill, so it’s quite relaxed today.

still it’s no shock that work isn’t as good as home.

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