I wonder if builders have the same problem when buying houses…

as I do when we are sold software in work? Today we had a presentation from a bloke (or the bloke) from impatica, trying to sell us some software to take powerpoint and video, and give us a nice way of showing both together on the t’internet.

Now, the software seems very popular (although he did do to much name dropping for my liking, I would buy a product because it’s good, not because BT bought it), and it does appear to do what it says on the tin, but being a programmer, I just thought “I could write something like that, more suited to us, and for a lot less money!”

I’m going to give my opinions to Stuart tomorrow, and maybe as a sign of my maturity (or even pessimism) I’m going to say, “if you want it buy it, because we couldn’t produce a solution ourselves, we wouldn’t be given the time/resources.”

So do builders, when looking around houses, go… “I could build this, and save money, and move that room, and….” ?

The other thing i do: When we where told that impatica are unique in the market (I think that’s quite a tight definition of market), and being a programmer, I think “small market, I could knock something out to compete with this”, of course I don’t have the time or the motivation, that’s why I don’t work for myself.

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  1. Kevin,

    had dealings with Impatica before and from memory, it seemed pretty over-priced at the time, and there’s bags of other products out there that’ll do the same thing. Some of the ‘Robo’ products aren’t too bad – they’re now owned by macromedia. It really does depend on how much of the powerpoint functionality you want to display in the flash movie – the transitions and animation effects can be a bit limited sometimes.

    Peter the cousin-in-law (if indeed there is such a thing!)

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