Daisy at work

Daisy came to work today, well you have to show off your baby don’t you ?

We are three days into Ruth home alone with Daisy, and while I’m obviously not the one who can tell you exactly how its going, I think we are doing OK. I know Ruth got a little irate yesterday, because the midwife didn’t come until late in the afternoon, so going out was an option that couldn’t be used until late in the day, but other than that, reports are good.

Daisy isn’t quite asleep yet, tonight. I think I am in the dog house too, because I just fell asleep while Ruth was feeding Daisy, so when it came to the end, when we put her down, I wasn’t ready, and Daisy woke back up. She’s now in her bouncy chair, while I try and get her to remember that she’s tired. Some nights it’s like this, and it can take an hour or more to get her to sleep, but once she is asleep, usually that’s it for the night.