Things I would like to do at work,

You see, Warwick university, have created a blog tool, and are encouraging both staff, and students to create blogs, building a very local blog community. This is something I think we could have been doing for a while. The truth is I haven’t even bothered pushing anything like this in work, because I know the reaction I would get.

I do think our university, is missing some form of online community tool (no I don’t count blackboard discussion boards, far to limited), back in the mists of time, there was the system of Notes on the VAX, which had a quite a small and concentrated community (but it was early days for IT ever since we lost the vax, we have done very little as a IT department to promote two way interaction between out students and staff, but that would just be me on my idealistic kick again. And besides when would I find the time to fit this into my workload ?

I actually think, it would be cool if we went a step further, and redid our intranet site, to function more like the Hitchhiker’s Guide