Day trip to the squiggles

Today we went on a trip to the Formby point, where the red squiggles live. Daisy and Ruth do usually go out everyday (at least to the park), but because daddy was back from a long first week back at work today, we went on a special trip.

today was also the first time, we used the baby sling in public, we have been using it around the house for a while, mainly to get use to the incredibly complex way you have to get it on and off, while trying not to stress out Daisy. So today, Ruth wore the sling,

and we did see at least two squiqqles, but I don’t think daisy, really noticed them. She was more concentrating on either sleeping or looking to see if she could get some more food from Mum.

so with that adventure behind us (it takes ages to get across Liverpool these days!), this afternoon we will, as a family, be mostly sleeping.