Kevin’s getting a new toy,

I’m quite a sad individual, it turns out that if i don’t get a new gadget or something at least once a year i get sad, so after a little extra technical help to people outside of work, i’m buying myself a gadget.

given my travels to work are now either by public transport or bike, i’ve decided to get some portable entertainment (for use on the train, not the bike), in the form of a MP3 player memory stick thing, so i can plays mp3/wma files and, it has a microphone so records too!

i’ve always had a quite sad yearning for a dictaphone, i don’t really know why, i can’t think of anything practical i would use it for, but i do now, i’ve always wanted one. no doubt when i get it, i will play with recording for a week and get board of it, but at least i will then have something cool to listen to music with.

4 thoughts on “Kevin’s getting a new toy,

  1. Would now be a good time to point out that we already have a dictaphone, of sorts? In one of the desk drawers is a Sony Walkman with record button and microphone. It cost me about ?80 when I was a student, and that was a lot of money in those days. I, too, had a sad yearning for a dictaphone I had no use for, and right enough, I think I’ve used if for that purpose twice.

    You can have it, if you like, sweetheart…

  2. I’ve seen this ‘Dictaphone’ it’s huge!, and yes we do have a camcorder, but sometimes, I might want to just record my voice!

    I remember a use, to record Ruth’s grandmother, when she starts telling us stories (then we can capture history!)

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