Another busy weekend

This week we had visitors!, and more babies in the house.

Our friends the Chris and Chris came over from Beverley, to see Daisy and to show off Fred who is seven months old. As ever, it was nice to see friends, and it was especially nice to see a seven month old Fred, and realize just how quickly babies develop, and become more self sufficient. Fred was sitting up, playing by himself, he even when in his cot awake, and entertained himself until he was asleep!

Don’t worry, We realize that a seven month old baby is no walk in the park. It’s just, compared to a six week old baby, where everyday is incredibly intense, it is something to look forward too.

That’s not to say Daisy wasn’t on her best behavior over the weekend. She was the most pleasant baby on friday and saturday, and she slept solid for nine and a half hours on friday night! We did have a driving around Liverpool in the middle of the night incident on Saturday night, but when she did eventually go down to sleep (around one) she slept for 6 hours, which we consider bad, but we all know is actually really good.